Paisley Rylance - Designer, Seamstress.

I do most of the pattern drafting and all of the sewing for the items you see in the store. Each item is lovingly hand cut, sewn and finished by me in my home studio in Far North Queensland.

(Photo taken by my 2 year old)


L - Our head designer and seamstress
(Just kidding, but she is the house mascot!)

My muse, occasional designer and model. My daughter is with me pretty much 24/7, she contact naps and sleeps, bed shares and is breastfed on demand, she challenges me every day and is guiding me on this conscious parenting journey. She’s currently into sewing, cooking, painting, riding her bike and scooter, being a monkey, the trampoline, gymnastics, dancing, singing and the alphabet.

Ashley Altes Arts

I'm Lauren Ashley Altes, a digital artist and designer based in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Art has always been at the centre of my universe - a musician in my youth, then working as a professional photographer in my younger years, and later becoming a specialist Arts teacher. In 2019 I began my own small arts business, Ashley Altes Arts, after re-igniting my passion for drawing in the classroom; I fell into textile design by chance when becoming a cloth nappy mum, designing my first seamless pattern for a Perth-based MCN brand. Since then, I have created a range of fabrics and started my own line of clothing and prints early in 2021, my vibrant style aiming to capture the playfulness and beauty of the every-day world. My art has suddenly become a dream I can live, breathe and wear, and there are so many big things yet to come!


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Lauren Ashley Altes


Illyri - Fabric Designer

Illyri has been drawing and painting for over 15 years. With a background in Illustration and a fascination of all things fantasy, magical and fairies. She works in acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolour, graphite and digital painting.

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Laura - Repurposing our fabric ‘waste’ into beautiful bags.

Hi! I’m Laura  I’m a chiropractor, a dog owner, a Chardonnay drinker, a colour enthusiast, a plant propagator and I just can’t seem to sit still. I started Laura’s Loot in 2020 in an attempt to do my (little) bit to combat textile waste. Using second hand clothing and scraps of fabric, I up-cycle the pieces and recreate them into unique drawstring bags. Where do I get the scraps from? Some are generously donated, but most have been accumulated by my patch-working Mum. My aim is to not buy any new fabrics for the purpose of Laura’s Loot, and be as economical as possible (is fabric propagation a thing?). Because really, why should we feel bad about re-gifting?

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