Cloth Breast Pads : Pink Galah

Cloth Breast Pads : Pink Galah

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The perfect gift for a new mum and can be used for so many purposes other than preventing milk leaks - although this is a pretty good reason on its own. Once the let down slows down they can be used as face wipes or even coasters.

The great thing about these breast pads is that they are made from the doughnut holes created during in my manufacturing process which occurs in all layers of the fabric used from the cotton Lycra pretty prints, The PUL for the waterproof layer and the two layers of bamboo for maximum absorption. Even the thread is salvaged from other brands and manufacturers who no longer sew.

How wonderful it feels to create products that support women on their breastfeeding journeys, as well as supporting you to reduce your plastic waste and to reduce my manufacturing footprint.


Materials: Cotton/Lycra, Bamboo, PUL