Cloth Menstrual Pads : Blue Dino
Cloth Menstrual Pads : Blue Dino
Cloth Menstrual Pads : Blue Dino

Cloth Menstrual Pads : Blue Dino

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Our pads come in three sizes to accommodate the different stages of your menstrual cycle:

  • Panty Liner (2 x bamboo absorbent layers) for those light days, for those who like a discrete pad, or for mild incontinence (don’t be fooled by the size, these pads absorb 15ml, which is the same as a disposable overnight pad)

  • Medium Pads (3 x bamboo absorbent layers) for a medium flow.

  • Large Pads (3 x bamboo absorbent layers) for a heavier flow or overnight.

Materials: Cotton/Elastane, PUL, Bamboo velour

Care Instructions: Rinse after use until water runs clear and wring out excess water. Air dry and then add it to the next normal cold or warm wash. Do not soak.


I’ve joined forces with Gulagbi - Collaborative Sustainable Developments to offer a BUY ONE GIVE ONE on our cloth menstrual pads.
That means that for every pad you purchase we will send one over to PNG with Doula Shelly!

Here's a message from Shelly:

"My husband and I have been helping support people living in remote villages in the Western Province PNG for the last 10yrs. These our our closest neighbours, one village, Sigabaduru, is only 3kms from our Queensland boarder which shares a treaty like no other in the world to help support cultural traditions, ceremonies hunting grounds and families ties. Sadly our neighbours don't share the same living standards as we do. They don't have clean drinking water, limited education, no shops (they still hunt, garden or trade), limited health services and the woman are still birthing in the bush with no medical assistance if needed. Our passion is to help bring clean drinking water to these villages, sustainable systems, birthing shelters, childbirth education workshops and improved education. I am so grateful and excited to collaborate with Paisley and Conscious Parenting Movement to help provide some basic necessities and luxuries to the mothers and young girls during their monthly bleeding time and after childbirth. The amazingly strong women living in these villages use only old rags and the water they wash in is shared with wild animals and is very dirty. In the dry season the water often dries up and they pack up their belongings and head into the bush to find any water to last until the rains come again. This time of year there are often deaths caused from water borne diseases and infections from poor sanitation. In the first village we will be supplying we installed a skyhydrant (large water filter) and this year we are funding to put a bore in. If all goes well we will be continuing to put bores in the other villages too.
Gulagbi means "everyone working together", so thank you from the bottom of our hearts to becoming part of our TEAM - Together wE can enhAnce huManity!"