Cloth Wipes : Large Baby Wipes

Cloth Wipes : Large Baby Wipes

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Did you know on average over 11,000 wipes are used per child over 3.5 years - and that’s based on only using 9 wipes a day (for some that might be how many are used each nappy change). Just using 1 cloth wipe a day for 3.5 years would save over 1,200 wipes from going into landfill. Every cloth wipe makes a difference.


These cloth wipes are super versatile and can be used as baby wipes, face wipes, makeup wipes, as an alternative to toilet paper, surface wipes or anything else you can think of...

Each cloth is 20x10cm, the perfect fit for the palm of your hand.

Materials: Cotton and bamboo

Care Instructions: For use during nappy changes follow the Clean Cloth Nappies Washing Guidelines otherwise wipes can be added to a normal machine wash.