Counselling Session - Zoom

Counselling Session - Zoom

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I'm so grateful that you have found your way here and I am looking forward to being a part of your journey. 

Please use the drop-down box below to book a free 10 minute consult where we can discuss what topics you might want to cover during your longer session/s. 
This session is un-structured and obligation free. I am here to support you in working through your questions so that we can find the right course of support for you. 

Please note It is recommended that you book 4 x 15 minute sessions at $50 a session. These sessions can be booked at different times to accommodate your personal budget.

Once you have purchased a time slot, I will send you a link with a Zoom invite with a link to access our session. Please allow 24 hours for me to send this through before following up.

Feel free to ask me about:

  • Conscious Parenting,
  • Tribal Parenting,
  • Baby-Led Parenting,
  • Gentle Parenting,
  • Sustainable Parenting,
  • Minimalist Parenting,
  • Attachment Parenting,
  • Authoritative Parenting,
  • Lotus Birth,
  • Co-Sleeping and Bed-Sharing,
  • Baby Sign Language,
  • Elimination Communication (toileting from birth),
  • Full-term Breastfeeding,
  • Baby-Led Weaning,
  • Baby Wearing,
  • Baby Massage,
  • Boundaries as Discipline,
  • Reducing Iatrogenic Intervention,
  • Cycle Tracking,
  • Period Coaching,
  • Conscious Conception,
  • Empowered Pregnancy and Birth,
  • Radical Birth-keeping,
  • Allowing children to access and follow their Will,
  • Non-judgemental and informed vaccination choices,
  • Homeschooling and Un-Schooling,
  • Families and Co-Parenting,
  • Baby, Kids and Family Yoga,
  • Spontaneous dance for pregnancy, birth and life,
  • Post Natal Depression support sessions,
  • Non-violent Communication,
  • Family, Relationship, New Parent Counselling
  • Youth or Personal Counselling, and
  • Holistic Mental Health support sessions

I look forward to speaking with you.